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Trademark FAQs

1. The benefits of trademark registration?

1) is entitled to prevent a third party without its consent and will work with its registered trademark or confusingly same mark for the same or similar products or services, or for the same or similar and that the use of the mark concerned When consumers will confuse the psychological risks are almost lifelike, making it possible for corporate earnings caused damage;

2) the rights conferred by the trademark registration, including the rights of people with business activities related to paper, prints, web pages, and documents to advertise superior use of the mark;

3) the rights of persons with full and exclusive benefits, use and dispose of the rights to their identification, and any fan shall not be violated;

4) increase their competitiveness in the market;

5) brand to create a strong market value. We are convinced of the value of the brand to start first by trademark registration.

2. Can I use the trademark is not registered in Macau?

The current legislation does not require the Macao SAR must be trademark registration before use in the relevant product or service. However, the use of an unregistered trade mark has not the exclusive right to use the right to prohibit others.

3. What protection can be obtained after the trademark registration?

Whether registered or unregistered trademarks, any trademark holders may under the "Commercial Code" in "unfair competition litigation" to protect their trademarks. "Unfair competition litigation" must prove trademark reputation and trademark holders suffered a loss. Such as under the "Industrial Property" trademark registration, trademark holders will be entitled to prohibit a third party without the prior consent of their consent, it was almost like genuine trademark or a similar mark, for the registration of the product or service, or similar products or services. Therefore, the right to register a trademark exclusive rights given relatively "Commercial Code" is easy to set up.

4. Advertise manner whether use of the mark?

Yes, to advertise is to allow consumers to accept something from the internal and external image of quality goods, and in the minds of consumers to establish a link to the kinds of commodities with a particular trademark or between manufacturers.

5. Whether the trademark must have been used at the time of application?

Applications for trademark registration are not required to have the use of the trademark in the time of application, the use or intended use of the mark on a product or service is sufficient as long as his application.

6. A trademark to be used for a variety of different types of products or services, how to apply for approval?

According to the requirements of unity and trademark registration application for registration, an application can only fill in a single category of goods or services, wish for different categories of product or service, you need to go long applications.

7. The trademark application was rejected, what is the loss?

It loses trademark registration fee, to re-register again to spend time waiting for the same application again by others with a risk already exists, and can be approved for registration remains in an unknown state.

8. After the death of the owner of the trademark, the trademark exclusive rights owned by whom all?

After the death of the trademark owner, the exclusive right to its rightful heir to all of the registered trademark, and should go through the relevant procedures.

9. Does trademark can obtain protection outside the Macao Special Administrative region?

Macao Special Administrative Region of the trademark registration system is territorial, and trademark law only protected trademark granted in Macao. If you want protected in other countries, you must apply separately in those countries or regions. Unless the country is to enjoy priority in Macau.

10. How to view trademark notice?

Notice of Industrial Property Protection "of the Macao Special Administrative Region," published by the Government Printing Office website can the "registered trademark protection" inspection. Website: http://www.io.gov.mo

11.What is involved in Macao trademark laws refer to?

 1) "Macao Industrial Property Law";

 2) "Macao Commercial Code";

 3) "registered trademark International Classification of Goods and Services"; 

 4) "Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property."

12. Why Macau trademark registration process and the time required?

submit application→Official review→Announcement→Notify Results→Receive certificates, the time required for about 7-9 months.

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