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Registration Information

Macau Trademark Registration – Application Conditions:

1.  It may be an individual or Company to apply for ( not limit Macau resident or company.)

2.   No trademark conflict with the existing registered and filed trademark in Macau.

3.   Trademark distinctive and novelty characteristics.

4.   No trademark conflict with the existing Law or regulation in Macau.


Macau Trademark Registration – Document Required:

1.  Applicant’s name, nationality, address.

2.   Clear trademark specimen.

3.   Class of product or service.

4.   Power of attorney (legalized).



Validity of Macau Trademark Registration:7 years

Time frame of Macau Trademark Registration: 7-9 months

More about Macau trademark: ➩Registration process , Registration fee 

If you have any enquiry about trademark registration, please feel free to contact usthank you for visiting trademark macau website.

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