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    Schedule of Charges in Macau Trademark Registration

Schedule of Charges in Macau Trademark Registration.jpg

@ The above charges are all-inclusive fee, inclusive of the entire government fees, agency fees, documentation fees and regular fees; 

@ Before applying for registration, we advise clients to make search in order to assess the possibility of registration and success rate.

Payment sample as follow:

※Suppose a client would like to register a trademark Skywalk Logo and in the class of clothing retail. This is regarded as one mark in one class. Our service fee including official fee is USD 360. 

※Suppose a client would like to re-register the same trademark Skywalk Trademark and in the class of  furniture, then this is regarded as an additional class, client need to pay including official fee is USD 350.

Summing up :

Clients need to register a trademark in two classes, namely in clothing retail and furniture, total all-inclusive fee is USD360 +USD 350 =USD 710.

Macau Trademark Registration Certificate

More about Macau trademark: ➩1.Application documents, 2.Registration process 

If you have any trademark registration inquiries, please feel free to contact us. For more trademark knowledge, please refer to the trademark knowledge page of this site, or use Whatsapp online consultation, thank you for visiting our website.

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