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Companies do not have a trademark, others know it?

    No trademark of enterprise, an ordinary person like a big crowd, and never knownLogoTrademark is a symbol of the enterprise, an enterprise regardless of size, should have their own trademark.bem logo


    Pattern, the easiest to make an impression forever. Trademark through pattern, it is to see that is the enterprises, but also to register the trademark, or, two similar images trademark, people remember in the first time, probably copied your business, not you.

“Logorama” is a French animated produced by H5. All the characters and scenery of the story are composed by trademarks. The wonderful thing is that the artist not only combines the individual trademarks into beautiful compositions, also promotes a vivid story together.


The film is 16 minutes long and won the 82nd Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film.

logo and trademark

worldwide logo

worldwide trademark

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Film production company website: http://h5.fr

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