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DC Superman trademark dispute

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DC Superman(Henry Cavill)

This week's movie is a hot talk about Henry Cavill or no longer plays the most popular character in the DC comics "Superman." According to reports that Henry Cavill plays Netflix's "The Witcher", it is not possible to guestly participate in the DC movie: Shazam!, so the film company may be another person to play the new Superman.


Shazam Comics


Shazam, who mentioned DC Comics, should have his trademark originally: Captain Marvel. Yes, it is the role of another American comic company Marvel, Captain Marvel. In fact, Shazam comics were not originally published by DC, but published by Fawcett Comics. The debut was in February 1940, when the comic name was Captain Marvel, and Shazam was also the super hero character that best represented Fawcett Comics. Later, Fawcett Comics stopped publishing in the 1950s. Comics, by 1972, Captain Marvel's copyright had fallen into the hands of DC. However, Marvel's Captain Marvel, although published later than Captain Marvel-Shazam, appeared only at the end of 1967, but the trademark protection awareness is very good, so trademark registration has long been done. So today we mentioned Captain Marvel and only think of Marvel's Captain Marvel.


Do a good job in trademark management, and there may be unlimited business opportunities in the future.

Captain Marvel , Shazam!

Marvel 2019 Movie -Captain Marvel , DC 2019 Movie Shazam!

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