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Danisa and Kjeldsens Butter Cookies

Danisa vs Kjeldsens

"Danisa Butter Cookies" recently complaint the cookies manufacturer "Kjeldsens" to the Beijing court in China on the grounds that the "Kjeldsens" unfair competition, the amount of claims is as high as 30 million yuan (CNY), currently Haidian, Beijing The district people's court has accepted the case.

The plaintiff "Danish Cookies" claimed that "Danish Cookies" has been leading the sales of similar products in the Chinese mainland market for many years and is a well-known commodity. The "Kjeldsens" has carried out false propaganda, and promoted "Kjeldsens" cookies and "from 1933" in product packaging and webpages, with "hundred years of history", which made consumers mistakenly believe The product has a history of more than 100 years.

    The plaintiff "Danish Cookies" also claimed that "Kjeldsens" used "the world's largest modern cookie production line" on the official website, "we use the most advanced equipment to produce the best quality products, facing from The challenge in the market." These propaganda words made the public think that the “Kjeldsens" cookies is the highest quality Danish cookie.

    The defendant also publicized on its WeChat public account and official Weibo. There are only “Kjeldsens” on the market. Every biscuit is produced in Denmark, which makes consumers mistakenly believe that only the cookies they produce are the most authentic Danish songs. 

    The plaintiff "Danish Cookies" believes that the defendant has false propaganda for the royal title of the Danish royal family. "Kjeldsens" has been publicized on video ads and official Weibo for many times. Only the "Kjeldsens" has been awarded the title of Royal Danish Royal. But in fact, the Danish cookie brand BISCA has also received the Royal Danish royal certification, and the time is earlier than the "Kjeldsens"

    The plaintiff "Danish Cookies" believes that the "Kjeldsens" product packaging and gifts have the same crown shape as the crown of the "Danish Cookies" product packaging, which is the name of the product that has a certain influence on others. The same or similar logos such as packaging and decoration. The accused carried out a confusing act, which led to the misunderstanding that “Kjeldsens” had a specific relationship with “Danish Cookies”. Therefore, the "Kjeldsens" was brought to court.

Danisa and Kjeldsens

The following are the "Danisa Butter Cookies" and "Kjeldsens" cookies profiles of two companies on their official website:


For decades, Danisa has been producing its world renowned butter cookies which originated from the traditional treats enjoyed by the European nobility. Danisa butter cookies were created based on an authentic Danish recipe passed down through generations of master bakers. Danisa is overseen by Danish Speciality Foods Copenhagen Denmark ApS. that is registered in Copenhagen, Denmark. Danish Speciality Foods Copenhagen Denmark ApS. tightly manages the production of Danisa which must strictly guard against the consistent requirements of an authentic Danish recipe. Nowadays, Danisa continues to delight consumers’ discerning palates globally and is regarded as a symbol of prestige, festivity and luxurious indulgence. A long-established brand rich in tradition and heritage, it is no wonder that Danisa is enjoyed in various settings in over 60 countries around the world.


The story of Kjeldsens began in 1933, in a small Danish village in Jutland, when Marinus Kjeldsen fell in love with Anna, a baker’s daughter who was known for her delicious cookies. Kjeldsen began selling these cookies to neighbouring villages, where the wonderful buttery treats soon caught on and spread throughout the country, leading to the opening of their first commercial bakery. 70 years later, Kjeldsens has developed into one of the world’s largest cookie producers today, while its classic Butter Cookies continues to use fresh butter and other natural ingredients in its production. Each type of cookie has its own unique recipe, and stays true to the traditional baking craftsmanship that ensures its signature shape and flavour.

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