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Trademark after Valley Chef's bankruptcy

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Valley Chef Chicken Franks has recently become a hot topic in Hong Kong and Macau, the reason is that announced earlier this month, the production plant Zacky Farms, a California-based food production company, filed for bankruptcy protection, the delicious taste of the Valley Chef Chicken Franks will be disappear. After the announcement of the news, it can be seen from the huge reaction between the public that although the Valley Chef is not the only sausage on the market, its brand is quite valuable. The success of the Valley Chef is based on the quality and history of the production, it can't be easily imitated by other similar products, otherwise the Valley Chef stop production will not bring such a big response.


Founded in 1955, Zacky Farms is a chicken sausage with the trademark "Valley Chef". The trademark is currently registered in Macau under category 29 and is held by "Cargill Meat Solutions Corporation". In China, the trademark dispute of "Valley Chef" began to appear in 2006, In 2006, a Chinese founded a company and produced a product also called "Valley Chef". By 2019, if the Zacky Farms was closed as scheduled and there was no plan for the Valley chef Chicken Franks to continue, then trademark disputes in China will any variables?

American-made "Valley Chef" chicken sausage

↑American-made "Valley Chef" chicken sausage

"Valley Chef" chicken sausage produced in China

↑"Valley Chef" chicken sausage produced in China

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