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The Importance of Trademark Registration for Businesses

Vision pro in China

On June 6, 2023, Apple Inc. announced several technologies and products at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). However, one of the newly unveiled products, named "Vision Pro," encountered trademark issues as Huawei had already registered the trademark in China.

If Apple intends to launch the "Vision Pro" product in China, it first needs to understand the trademark classes in which Huawei has registered the name. In China, Huawei has registered the "Vision Pro" trademark in various classes, including Class 5 (Pharmaceuticals), Class 9 (Electronics), Class 10 (Medical Devices), Class 35 (Advertising, Business Management), Class 42 (Website Services), Class 44 (Medical Horticulture), and others.

Based on these trademark registrations, Apple may face challenges in launching a product with the same name in China due to potential trademark conflicts. If Apple insists on using the "Vision Pro" name in China, the following recommendations are proposed:

1.Trademark Search: Before the official launch, Apple should conduct a thorough trademark search to ensure that no similar or identical trademarks are registered in relevant classes. This can help avoid potential trademark conflicts and legal issues.

2.Trademark Registration: Consider registering the "Vision Pro" trademark in additional relevant classes in China, especially those related to the features and applications Apple plans to introduce in the product. This will ensure trademark protection for Apple in relevant fields and reduce potential infringement risks.

Consider registering the trademark in Class 28 (Entertainment, Toys) and Class 41 (Educational purposes) in China, as these registrations may support Apple's launch of the product in the country.

3.Trademark Licensing or Collaboration: Explore the possibility of obtaining a trademark license or collaborating with Huawei. If Huawei is willing to reach an agreement with Apple regarding trademark usage, it could help resolve the trademark conflict and provide Apple with additional legal protection for launching the "Vision Pro" product in the Chinese market.

4.Brand Differentiation: Emphasize the uniqueness of the "Vision Pro" product and differentiate it from competing products during its launch. This will help Apple establish its own brand identity and minimize confusion and conflicts with the Huawei trademark.

However, it is important to note that these recommendations may vary depending on legal considerations, business strategies, and market conditions.

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