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Economic Bureau - Macao Trademark Official Office

Government of the Macao Special Administrative Region - Economic Bureau


Macao Trademark Official Office - Economic Bureau


Any person who needs to register trademarks in Macau will apply to the Macau Economic Bureau and will be approved by the Economic Bureau, the only Macau official approving authority, to obtain a registered trademark. The function of the Economic Bureau is task to assist Macau government in the study, design and implementation of economic policy in the field of economic activities and intellectual property, as well as in other areas of law. Currently, Economic Bureau with 26 public services (July 2018) in Macau. The Intellectual Property Department accepts the application for trademark registration


In Macao registered trademarks, Macao Skywalk Trademark Service Co.,Ltd  are preferred to encourage customers or citizens to apply for registered trademarks at the Macau Economic Bureau. In addition to the economic bureau, you can also choose a law firm or a trademark agency company to register the trademark. The agency means that the third party (Law firm / Trademark agency) communicates with the customer who needs to register the trademark, and then submitting applications to The Economic Services Bureau on behalf of clients and other administrative procedures.


Economic Bureau address, telephone and other contact information:

Economic Bureau of the Government of the Macao SAR 
Intellectual Property Department
Rua do Dr. Pedro José Lobo, nº 1-3, 8º F, Macao
(853) 2871 0287
(853) 2871 5291

Industrial Property Application Counter of the Reception Center of the 
Economic Bureau 
Rua do Dr. Pedro José Lobo, nº 1-3, 2º F, Macao
(853) 8597 2266 or 8597 2220

Website: https://www.economia.gov.mo/pt_PT/pg_home


        Macao Skywalk Trademark Service Co.,Ltd is a trademark agency company, which is the aforementioned enterprise trademark agency and consulting company. It can handle trademark registration matters for the Macau Economic Bureau on behalf of customers, save time and provide professional advice for customers to reduce the risk of failure. The team is experienced, familiar with the Macao administrative system and possesses intellectual property rights and related legal knowledge, and provides customers with peace of mind and satisfaction with a positive, pragmatic attitude and professional and high efficiency.

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