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Trademark for Precious Metals

In precious metal products, what is the meaning of the words "Essayeur Fondeur"?

In Switzerland, among the gold products, excellent foundries will be approved by the Swiss precious metal control, and a text mark "Essayeur Fondeur" can be printed on the product.

"Essayeur Fondeur" is commonly found in Metalor, PAMP and Valcambi, without the word "Essayeur Fondeur" means bad? No, Argor Heraeus is the same quality, but instead of "Essayeur Fondeur", use Melter Assayer", its quality assurance is nothing to worry about.

Metalor's quality trademark:

Metalor's quality trademark

PAMP's quality trademark:

PAMP's quality trademark

Valcambi's quality trademark:

Valcambi's quality trademark:

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